BuzzFeed + Jolly Rancher: Keep On Sucking, NYC

Jolly Rancher tasked my team with bringing their #KeepOnSucking campaign to life in in the real world. We collaborated with our in-house events team to pitch and produce BuzzFeed's first ever experiential execution: Keep On Sucking, NYC - an interactive gallery showcasing all the reasons why it sucks to live in NYC. Our pop-up gallery included a dripping AC unit fountain, a throne of trash, fake tourists, pizza rat, and more. We took over the Villain warehouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to build the gallery and drew in more than a thousand participants over three days. #KeepOnSuckingNYC, #PizzaRat, and #TrashThrone were all trending on social media during and after the event. 

Role: Concept, Creative Director, Producer

Team: Kate Driscoll, Aubree Lennon, Will Herring, Villain